Running a fast growing business Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Henkako expert team can help you build up your online presence from the scratch. We take up complete brand development and business branding & strategy consultations.

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Branding is not just about putting a label on your products and services, but it is about building up an identity that would bring the world to your business and generate income for you. We undertake projects to build your business identity as well as provide you with full set of strategies to lead your business to greater audiences and expand to bigger markets.

With our expert team dedicated in building brands and identities from the scratch, you can be assured of getting the best responses from your target clients. We create your brand and build your online presence from the basic data provided by you. We do not believe in fakes but we do believe in specifying strengths and positive aspects of your products and services to build up positive responses from your target markets. We are experts in the field of developing powerful online contents that would propel your virtual presence and build your business identity over the internet.

We do not just build websites but we build brands and identities that lead the business sector and yield best results by generating awareness about your products and services across the world. Click here to start with Henkako.

Henkako Billing/Invoicing solutions

Henkako billing/invoicing web solution is 100% GST compliant and helps you visualise your business data that can help you grow your business with clearer data

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We have created a robust billing solution that meets all GST requirements while keeping the interface simple and easy. Our billing solution runs on secure servers and your data is stored using industry standard encryption technology keeping your data secure. The data is stored within your secure container and it can be accessed only by you. In case you need your data to be stored only at your assigned local server, we build you a custom server for the same let you have 100% control over the server. You do not even need to be connected to Internet for using your account (in case of local server) and go about daily transactions on our high speed network For details and cost working for localized private server click here.

Henkako runs it’s own virtual private servers at Itanagar and Ziro, keeping all your data readily available at any time and on all your devices. Since our billing application is optimized to run across all major platforms and devices seamlessly making your critical data accessible from anywhere. Click here for more.

Website Development

Needless to say, we are the pioneer and of course, the leader in Arunachal when it comes to web development and IT solutions. Get in touch with us and let us build something together.

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We do not just build website and hand it down to you, but we make sure all sites built by henkako is secured and continues to run with the latest updates. More importantly, we do not leave you to fend as soon as we hand you over the site. Our team work constantly and help you grow your business with your online presence. We provide you a free brand development pack with all the website plans. That means, we help you take full advantage of the new website and provide you free of cost consultations on growing your online presence and thus reaching out to much wider markets. Henkako is built with the core value to “serve North East Indian business with affordable yet robust technology” and reach global market. Rest assured, with us you will find the best in the market IT solutions and product expansions made specifically for the budding business owners in NE India. To get started, click here.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

We undertake Private networking and virtual private servers for your growing businesses. Our private virtual servers are useful for those businesses that runs multiple offices or outlets.

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Henkako private virtual servers give you full control over your data while leaving zero data footprints. We run applications completely separated under a container that is encrypted by secured industry standard SSL (secure socket layer VPN) and if you opt for inhouse local servers, you do not even need to connect to the internet for accessing your data. For details drop us a message by clicking here.

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