Henkako Billing/Invoicing solution

begin creating greater values for your customers while we take care of your Billings

100% GST Compliant Bills/Invoices

With Henkako Billing solutions you will have access to unlimited GST compliant bills/invoices for your businesses. With our highly customizable web application we can build you a billing solution that completely integrates with your existing systems or better still, we can build you a complete suite of state of the art billing solution.

Receive Online Payments

Let your customers pay you by using one of 25 different online payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, PayUMoney, etc. Henkako does not only build applications for your business but we also have an expert team to get you online ready and start transacting online. For details click here.

Manage your customers

We provide a free built in CRM (Customer Relations Management) for your clients. Enter contact details, notes or add custom fields. Basic project and task management is also available for free.

Customize on your own

You can customize Invoices to make sure it fits your needs: select from different themes, set amount formats, modify email and PDF templates or many more.

Generate Quotations/Offers

Henkako Invoicing is a solid application to manage your complete billing circle: from quotes over invoices to payments.